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Retiring Advisors

Retiring Advisors Want To Know A Few Things Before They Make The Switch:

  • Will my clients be taken care of?
  • Is the firm I am joining experienced in these transitions?
  • Will I be paid fairly for the business I have spent my career building?

Our firm has helped many advisors through this process. We have a well established system to make the transition as smooth as possible for both the advisors and their clients.

Timing: We tailor the retirement process to the advisor’s specific needs, whether it’s an immediate retirement or one spanning over 10 years.

Valuation: To ensure every retiring advisor is getting the best and fairest prices possible for their practice we first provide objective third party market valuations and then utilize our experience with the tax planning aspects of these transitions to optimize the deal structure and payout plan.

Client Centered

Location and Quality:

Our Team: We are a large firm of accomplished high quality advisors, most of whom hold professional designations like the CFP® and average 15 years of experience.

Location: Our advisors are generally branded under one reputable firm name and we have offices nationwide. This gives your clients the luxury of having effortless local transitions and a brand they can trust.

Profitability:  Regardless of the deal structure, retiring independent is profitable proposition. We’ve designed proprietary technology to show you a true side by side comparison of retiring advisors at their current employer versus retiring with Rocky Mountain Wealth Management/ IHT Wealth Management. Contact us to check it out and start exploring your future.

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